Interior Designer Kitchen Remodel Menlo Park CA

I hired Kanika to help me with a kitchen remodel. She had wonderful ideas and suggestions regarding colors, layout and some of the detailed features which really added to the mid-century look I was going for. You can find the photos of the kitchen remodel on the website. I couldn't be happier with the end result.

Karl Van den Bergh, Chief Marketing Officer at Gigamon

Kanika did a brilliant job designing our office. She turned what was empty walls and desks to a very welcoming stylish office. She made good use of all the space and with a beautiful touch she turned every corner to an eye candy. I can say that she turned the ordinary to the extraordinary in one go, I highly recommend!

Ilan Caspi, Lead Engineer at TapResearch
Interior Designer Office San Francisco CA

Kanika did a great job decorating our New Office. We are a software start up in San Francisco, and our employees think we have a super cool space because of Kanika. Kanika did a great job managing the project to. She brought in painters and furniture assembliers, it all went very smooth.

Steve Lance, VP of Finance at Taulia

This review is a long time coming, but I echo all the great reviews here. Kanika was extremely patient, professional and personal at the same time, and wildly smart about designing small spaces. Our little house looks airy, modern and comfortable. We are more adept at making color and other choices as we slog through our never-ending remodel. Although it has been tempting to reach out to her again....

Nancy Pilotte, VP at American Century

Hired Kanika to help me choose the finishing materials for a complete remodeling of my home including kitchen and wet bar countertops, 5 bathrooms, interior and exterior colors of a 5000 sq ft home. Kanika is willing to listen to my preferences but added in her designer ideas where appropriate. She is a pleasure to work with and I am very happy with the end results of our selections.

Joyce Tang, Owner at Rising Phoenix Inc.
Interior Designer Office San Mateo CA

When we first moved to our office it was a depressing dull space. Kanika came in and did a great job of decorating. I had little to no idea on how we should make the space more visually appealing. She took the time to sit down ask me questions and based on those answers gave incredible suggestions that I never would have thought of.

She was super easy to work with and worked within our budget. She was reliable from start to finish and I am thrilled with the results of our office. I would highly recommend Kanika to anyone looking to decorate their office or home.

Jason Barros, Director of Programs at Edmodo

I found Kanika by searching the web looking for help to design our new and first office for our startup company. Kanika worked in our project and was able to very quickly design something that looks really nice. Clearly her experience and talent shows when making things match and look elegant and modern in our case. She was able to take out general idea and quickly make it into real elements that we now enjoy every day in the office. This will be undoubtedly a big plus for our upcoming hiring when we will show off for the final product.

Domingo Mihovilovic, Co-founder and CTO at Exabeam

I hired Kanika to do the interior design for my new rental apartment. Kanika worked very hard and produced an outstanding result. I love my new living space. Everything looks great, and very comfy. She has a great eye for design, and got everything done under budget. I would highly recommend her services.

Lance C.
Interior Designer Office Palo Alto CA

We hired Kanika to decorate our office, and give it the facelift it deserved...and boy are we happy we did! Kanika is extremely friendly and easy to work with. After coming highly recommended from friends whose office she designed, Kanika came to us with great new ideas, while integrating our own preferences (and budget needs).

Then, very quickly, she put together mock ups so we could envision exactly what our space would look like once the transformation was complete. No mystery; no potential for last-minute design mistakes. This was exactly what we needed! Finally, over the course of one weekend (for the install) our office was transformed. It is a bright friendly welcoming place that both employees and visitors enjoy working in. We highly recommend Kanika for your future office decorating needs!

Jennifer Carolan, Partner at NewSchools Venture Fund
Interior Designer Office Redwood City CA

Kanika's color feeling and taste is superb. We are glad to hire her to design our office.

Mingxi Wu, VP Engineering at GraphSQL

I have worked for Kanika over 3 years as an Assistant Designer. I learned lots of things from Kanika that I could apply to my career. First of all, she is an amazing person! Very positive, creative, friendly, and helpful for people around her. It is so easy to communicate with her. She listens to her clients very carefully and takes notes all the time. She really pays attention to her client's ideas. I am so thankful that I had an opportunity to work with her!

Busra Vural, Assistant Designer at Kanika Design

I work with Kanika and Adi as a contractor for their residential and office projects. They operate a very professional team yet they establish good personal rapport with their clients. Kanika's concepts can be described as unique yet classy and contemporary themes. I have been working with them for over a year now and so far have been extremely satisfied with how they manage our working relationship. I always give time for them in spite of my busy schedules and commitments. I hope to continue our working relationship for more years to come.

Israel Martinez

Kanika is awesome. Gave me lots of practical ideas/advice, decisive while also being collaborative, knowledgeable. Worth the money. 🙂

Jacob T. (Palo Alto)

Kanika is an amazing, creative, and a brilliant designer. There just aren't enough words to express how pleased and satisfied we are with Kanika Design. We were reluctant to hire a designer for our home as we weren't sure if we would like someone else's taste and if we going to waste money, but that's where we were mistaken. Kanika came into our home and asked just a few questions, and in such a friendly manner made suggestions on room colors and gave us ideas on moving our furniture around instead of pushing us to replace our things.

Kanika was spot on matching both my and my family's taste and what works best for our everyday routine. We gained confidence right away after which we brought her and her staff in for other changes. Their work was clean, the staff was super friendly and professional, and they completed the projects as they quoted. The bonus was that she was reasonable and upfront with all the costs so we didn't have any surprises along the way. Kanika helped us transform our home to be even more welcoming, but far more organized for us. As full-time working parents with school-aged children, we couldn't imagine doing all this on our own.

We receive so many compliments and often are asked for our designer's information. Kanika Designs indeed is a superstar in this industry, and we are so thankful that we came across her firm. Our heartfelt thanks, Kanika!

Pragati Sharma, Senior Director at Acerta Pharma

Kanika redesigned our office, living, and dining room which were the least used rooms in the house. We met with multiple designers and chose Kanika because of her initial design vision, connection while communicating, and reasonable cost. I appreciated the amount of detail in the contract which defined scope of work and the workflow.

During the design portion, Kanika was very patient with the (in)decision process of a husband and wife with divergent design ideas and always had alternative choices to keep things moving forward. We felt engaged and involved in all the decisions and we are extremely happy with the finished rooms. We now look forward to entertaining guests in our new functional space. I would highly recommend Kanika.

Scott Giese

We hired Kanika few months ago to help decorate the living and dining area in our Half Moon Bay home. This was our first time working with an interior decorator and Kanika exceeded all expectations! My wife and I have a different sense of design and Kanika was able to mix and match our ideas and bring them to life in an AMAZING way.

She is a great listener and took time to explain everything in times of confusion and husband-wife disagreements. She is straightforward and a lot of fun to work with. She was in our house everyday working with her team to make sure that nothing was left behind and that all work was completed with perfection. Our family is much happier living in the same home now. Kanika is a RISING STAR in the field of interior design and I would give her A+ for her attitude, design and customer satisfaction.

Spectrum3900 (Half Moon Bay, CA)

Kanika Design helped us to design the interior of our home in spring/summer 2015. My wife and I chose them because after just one meeting we could tell how personable they were, and we had a very clear picture of what the overall design process would be like. We felt from the beginning that we could trust them to help us design a living space that we loved.

Kanika and Adi were very flexible in their schedule so that we could work together with them without having to take time away from our normal office work schedules. During the time our design was being planned and implemented, Kanika and Adi made countless trips to our home to meet with us it was so convenient for us! They took care of all the tedious parts of the process researching, communicating with contractors and stores, and ordering all the supplies so that my wife and I could focus on the fun part of the design process to actually help plan our living spaces and select the final pieces of furniture and artwork.

Our design plan included some remodeling, and Kanika's trusted contractor did an excellent job. He was very friendly, got his work done on schedule, and the final result was great. Once the remodeling work was done, the furniture and artwork was ordered, and Kanika managed that process so that deliveries could be made on a schedule that was convenient for us. During a time in which my wife and I had to travel, Kanika even offered to come to our home to receive the deliveries so that the items wouldn't have to sit outside our house while we were out of town! During the final setup, Kanika, Adi, and their trusted contractor all came to our home to build all the furniture and install all the pieces. When my wife and I saw everything finally come together for real right in front of our eyes, the result was nothing short of spectacular.

By the time our project was complete, my wife and I were a bit sad to see Kanika and Adi go because they had almost become like friends to us. We won't think twice about recommending them to our friends and contacting them again if we ever need more interior designing work done in the future. Overall, we highly recommend Kanika Design for your interior designing needs. If you're not sure about whether to hire interior designers or not, definitely give Kanika Design a call to find out how they can help you. My wife and I did that and we're so glad we did!

Dennis Jeffrey, Software Engineer at Google

Kanika is a pleasure to work with. Talented, personable and cool under pressure, a true professional with a heart. You will be in good hands no matter how large or small the job.

Evelyn (San Mateo)

Kanika helped us tremendously in determining the finishes for our kitchen and living room. In the worlds of software and web design I've worked with many designers, and I can say that Kanika knows her stuff. Plus she also is able to walk that line between having a point of view, and being able to work with the client's preferences as well.

We hired Kanika for half a day, which is actually quite a bit of time, and we covered a lot of ground. She also referred us to several places to source materials such as flooring and tiles, and we've found those to be good places. Kanika really encouraged us to go looking at a number of stores, with our new design ideas in mind, and that worked out well. As an example. there's just no way to buy flooring from a website--it needs to be interacted with. I liked, too, that Kanika helped us understand several design principles, and got us up to speed on things to think about for making our own design decisions.

We'll probably ask her a few more questions down the line, once we've really narrowed down our material choices. We are pretty hands on, but you can also delegate the design to her and then just review options--of course that takes a lot more time from her. As with any designer, check out the portfolio for a sense of what you'll be getting. Having said that, understand that for residential work in particular, the clients probably had a heavy hand in final decisions. My sense is that for commercial work, such as an office, it's more hands off, and you can see a designer's vision better. Kanika's portfolio shows great use of color, and modern looks.

Paul Konasewich, President at Connect Leadership

Kanika helped me to redesign my home. I used her designer for a day package and she was able to come shopping with me and give me design tips each step of the way. I moved into a brand new home 3 years ago and still had the white walls and furniture from when my husband and I first met. Kanika helped me play with color and upgrade the swagger of my home. I LOVE coming home and looking at it OVER and OVER again. I know I could not have done this without her. Thank you Kanika for making my house feel like more of a home 🙂

Tomeka Seckinger, Sr. Manager at Adobe

I was initially impressed with Kanika's enthusiasm, communication skills and professional demeanor when I first met her at my showroom with her client. She exposed her expertise in design as she was able to design drapery treatments and specify colors and Hunter Douglas window treatments to offer to her clients. Kanika maintains her own growing design business and I enjoy working with her on window treatment specification in collaboration with me on many projects that she has referred to me.

I found that Kanika is reliable, dedicated and eternally upbeat. Her ability to help customers select window treatments and drapery design is excellent, and it is because of her excellence in this area that I am happy to work with her, and also to refer my clients to her for further design projects. Kanika is a hardworking, top-performing customer service professional. She has my highest recommendation, and I am happy to furnish more details if you would like additional information.

Bart San Diego, Owner at Rebarts Interiors

It is always a pleasure to work with Kanika and her team! She has excellent taste and does a great job listening to her clients design needs. I've worked with her on several projects and it is always a positive experience as Kanika is very responsive, reasonable, and easy to collaborate with. I highly recommend Kanika Design to anyone with interior design needs!

Karen Andreacchi, Owner at Cre8 A Couch

Kanika helped with our office design project. Before starting I had no idea what to expect from this process. But, in the end, the results were beyond our expectations.

We loved how she (and her team) guided us throughout the process. We had a wonderful time working with her. It was exciting to see everything come together! The waiting room felt warmer and more inviting with her design.

Kanika is inspiring, creative and goes above and beyond. I couldn't have asked for a better experience working with an interior designer. And I can't wait to start my next project with Kanika Design!

Monica Misra, Owner at Polka Yoga

Kanika helped us select paint colors for the interior and exterior of our remodeled home. The kitchen, living room, dining room. bathroom and hallway colors are complementary and flow seamlessly from one room to the next. Kanika helped us achieve an updated and fresh vibe on the inside of our home and a crisp contemporary look on the outside.

Diane Flynn Keith, Editor at Homefires.com

I worked with Kanika on several interior design projects. She sourced a variety of modern furniture from me here at Design Within Reach, San Francisco. She was a pleasure to work with. She was organized with on time payments on all orders, and worked well with our delivery team to complete her installation on time. She had a positive attitude and was organized, responsive, and responsible at every step in the process.

Bartholomew Kraus, Showroom Manager at The Future Perfect

We had a designer for a day session with Kanika, which we highly recommend! It's great for someone who needs to get their bearings, but don't need full on project management. She was able to give us a great framework for paint colors, furniture layout, furniture colors, and floor. With this, we could then go research on our own for things that we liked. As you can tell, we got a lot done in one day.

Lusi Chien

I needed a color consultation in order to sell a condominium in Foster City and hired Kanika after reading her website and reviews. She kindly fit me into her schedule in a very timely manner then spent an hour with us while construction activity was going on. With our initial input and a few small samples of countertop and flooring, she chose 6 coordinating Sherwin Williams colors that complimented the wall and woodwork detail. This has gotten us nothing but compliments and praise from neighbors and potential buyers as it has been shown. Thank you Kanika!

John Duff