Menlo Park Kitchen + Dining

Kitchens have now become the center attraction of homes – it’s a place that brings family and friends together for deliciously prepared meals. Modern contemporary interior design was chosen to embody the heart of this space. 

The aim was to create a multifunctional Kitchen which would help maximize the space. We did a full remodel – a breakfast nook was removed to transform the kitchen into a U-shape. Walls were removed to add dining space, and bold colors were used to enhance the visual impact. 

We used different shades of greens, and neutral colors for the wall paint, cabinet knobs, and backsplash which gave the room a vibrant vibe. To maximize efficiency, a built-in washer and dryer were installed to blend in with the kitchen layout. Custom made wine light fixture, modern faucet, and butcher block countertops complimented the space beautifully and went very well with the color scheme. The result was a dynamic design that helped carry out day to day functions and served well in entertaining guests! 

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