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Taulia a San Francisco based startup strives to create innovative solutions for companies to produce huge savings. Moving into a new office space we were given the challenge to design an 8000 sq. ft. office space with multiple design themes, keeping the space functional and showcase company branding.

Various contemporary design elements were added to an industrial space to create a comfortable atmosphere for employees. The lounge area highlighted a mid-century fun interior design vibe, with bold wall colors, pops of colorful furnishings and unique centerpieces. Five conference rooms were created, each based on a different theme – using international postage stamps, abstract artwork, patterned theme wallpaper, and unique wall art in each room felt like a new travel destination. 

Space plan and interior design for the entrance was carefully planned – the space had to be multi-functional to include guest seating, employee lunch area, kitchen, and walkways. We used furniture placement to create different spaces and incorporated company branding to be clearly visible for incoming visitors. 

This created a multi-functional, fun and comfortable office interior space for all!

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