Kanika B. Khurana 

“The Power of Interior Design is transforming the way we live and connect with our surroundings. – Kanika

Kanika is truly passionate about interior design. Though she’s spent most of her life in the Bay Area, her roots travel all the way back to her birth country – India. Kanika’s interest in interior design emerged during her earlier years living in her parents’ home – from arranging furniture to reorganizing decor, she was always up to date with the latest design trends, and finding ways to spruce up the space.

Kanika earned her Bachelors in Psychology from San Francisco State University, a Redesign and Home Staging Certification, and an Associate Degree in Business Administration from Cañada College.

She loves working with bold colors and mixing different interior design styles to create a unique output every time. Having visited 64+ countries, she flawlessly grasps the essence of different interior design techniques and explores new ways of drawing inspiration from her surroundings and travel ventures. Her hard work ethic and desire to develop a thoughtful design is what makes Kanika Design so special. She believes in creating an enjoyable and stress free experience for her clients and places high value on guiding them through transforming their space.

Fun Fact: Her favorite movie is “Hundred Foot Journey”. In 2018, Kanika spent a year traveling around the world and her last stop was in the village where the movie was shot. In her words, “The small french village of Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val is a magical gem on earth.”

Kanika B. Khurana