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Online Interior Design Services for Residential Clients

Ideal for residential clients looking to update a few spaces in their home, Kanika Design’s Online Interior Design services offer an efficient alternative to our full-service option. With our step-by-step guidance and process-oriented approach, you can experience a complete transformation of your home without ever leaving it.

Outline of the Process


Select rooms and services for your home makeover


Initial virtual meeting to discuss ideas and requirements


Presentation of design plan with a revision


Procurement at no additional cost


Select rooms and services for your home makeover


Initial virtual meeting to discuss ideas and requirements


Presentation of design plan with a revision


Procurement at no additional cost

Benefits of Online Interior Design

Cost Effective

Access professional design expertise at a fraction of the cost

Design Expertise

Simplified process with the same quality design experience

Expert Guidance

Benefit from our extensive industry knowledge and expertise


Design mood board

2D representation of your room design

Floor Plans

Furniture floor plan made to scale


List of items to purchase with specifications

Purchasing service

We order and track items


Where can I find additional information about online design?

FAQs below will answer most of your questions with details on the design process, timeline, onboarding, deliverables, and the ordering process. Once you’ve looked it over, please reach out to get started.


Why use online interior design service?

Our Online Interior Design service offers a cost-effective and efficient solution that minimizes the need for extensive on-site consultations and revisions. With our process oriented approach, we deliver core design elements using 2D mood boards and furniture floor plans to help visualize your space and move forward with confidence.


What types of spaces/rooms can be designed online?

From cozy family rooms to fun kids rooms, Kanika Design’s Online Design service can be used to transform most spaces that does not require extensive remodeling.


What’s included in the online design process?

Using the photos and floor plans you provide, combined with your style preferences, our team will create a 2D representation of your room design and a furniture floor plan to scale. The service includes one round of revision to reach the final design, a budget with a breakdown of items to be purchased, and procurement of all items at no additional cost. Projects requiring additional revisions can be purchased at an additional cost.


How should I prepare for my online design project?

To start the project, we request that you create a Pinterest board for each room in the scope with ideas and rooms you like. Additionally, we will need your online assistance in measuring your space and take detailed photographs.


Can I share my own ideas with the design?

Yes, of course! We will review the Pinterest board with you at the beginning of the project and discuss your requirements in detail to understand your style, color preferences, material preferences, and functional needs. When designing a space, it is really important for us to discuss your ideas to create a space personalized for you.


What is the cost for Kanika Design’s Online Design Services?

Our pricing is based on the type and size of the room. For design and execution for smaller spaces, including entry areas and home offices, our fee is $2500. For most other spaces, such as family rooms and bedrooms, our fee is $3500. For more details on the service cost, please refer to our pricing section below. Please note that these estimates do not cover the cost of furniture.


What budget should I prepare for furnishings?

The cost of furnishings varies in every project based on your style, the number of items required, and the desired quality. For more details on our furnishings cost  recommendations, please refer to our pricing section below.


How long does the online design process take?

Project completion times can vary for each project. Our standard timeline for design completion is between 6-12 weeks. At this stage, we are ready to start purchasing items. Additional time is needed for purchasing and delivering items to your home. Furnishing projects typically take between 6-12 months from start to finish.


Do you provide online design service for remodel projects?

For remodel projects, we don’t offer our Online Interior Design Services. However, with our full-service option, we’re happy to help with remodel projects if you’re in our service area.


How is Kanika Design’s Online Interior Design Services different from other alternatives?

With our Online Interior Design Service, you work directly with Kanika, our principal interior designer. Our services also include the purchasing and order management of selected items at no additional cost. This means that you can sit back and relax while we take care of all the logistics. From selecting the perfect furniture pieces to coordinating the delivery, we will handle every detail, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience for you.


Online Interior Design Service
Small space
Medium Space
Large Space
Entry Living/Family Room Living/Family and Dining Room
Dining Nook Dining Room Master Suite
Home Office Bedroom
Nursery Outdoor Area
Furniture and decor

Room Type Estimated Costs
Entry $5000+
Home office $10,000+
Kids room $10,000+
Living/Family room $20,000+
Bedroom $15,000+
Dining room $10,000+
Outdoor Area $10,000+
Master Suite $20,000+

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