Newschools Venture Fund Office

NewSchools Venture Fund wanted their office interior design to be functional and inspired by the theme of education. Our design scheme included innovative solutions with fun elements that reflected and served as a creative space. 

Wall to wall whiteboards was created in conference rooms and main work-area to enhance the collaborative environment. For fun decor elements we installed paintable wallpaper in the hallways, robotic themed wallpaper in the CEO room (which she absolutely loved!), and origami theme decals in the lounge area. This modern hybrid office needed some interior design innovation, so we installed wall panels in the office that held bicycles for employees. Pops of fun accessories and unique three-legged stools balanced out well with the vibrant color walls. 

Our focus is to add unique interior design elements that incorporate both fun and productivity. All the changes helped add a boost to the office environment and created a fun workplace for all employees. 

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