Remodeling your Bathroom in San Francisco

Have you been wondering what it would cost or how long it is going to take for you to give your bathroom a glow-up? Or have you ever considered – how much it cost to design and build a bathroom in San Francisco? While it is certainly going to cost, it is crucial to be sure that the investment is worth it. I’d suggest you invest in the right bathroom remodelers in San Francisco. The remodeling process, especially for a bathroom, is time-consuming and delicate. Also, ensure when you get in touch with yourbathroom remodel contractors, that they are flexible to work in line with your budget and design preferences. Here is a checklist of fundamentals before you consider a bathroom renovation in San Francisco.

Bathroom remodelers San Francisco

Have a plan

This might sound basic, but it’s the most overlooked part of planning a renovation. There are plenty of designs out there that you might want to choose from. Before you decide on that ideal look, you must ensure you did your research right. Understand why you need to remodel your bathroom now. Consider what your daily routine is like and research layouts accordingly. Factors like the number of people using the bathroom, setbacks in the current layout, and the storage spaces you need inside, need to be reviewed in advance. Run thorough research on the best bathroom contractors in San Francisco. This can save you a lot of time and dollars later.

Cost to design and build a bathroom in San Francisco

Don’t Skip the Basics

When it comes to remodeling your bathroom, you may focus on enhancing the looks but what really needs your attention are the basics. For example, what kind of shower space you need – for families with kids, a bathtub and a shower space are essential. How do you want your shower space – with curtains or doors? What kind of shower head would you like? Similarly the type of sink, towel bars and storage are all the details that need to be considered.

Another interesting renovation idea is to have heated floors in your bathroom. ​​The idea of warm floors to walk on during those cold winters or enjoying the warm bathroom floors while you get ready for your day is very appealing.

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Freestanding tubs are back in rage now. If you have enough resources, you can also have a steam shower to emulate a spa-like experience at home. It is important that you consider the preferences of all family members before proceeding.

bathroom remodel contractors

Partial or Full remodel?

Another important factor when deciding on a bathroom remodel is to consider if your bathroom needs a complete makeover or specific replacements. This decision will have a big impact on the total cost of your project.  If you are on a tight budget consider updating tiles, wall colors or replacing new fixtures. Sometimes certain aspects of the bathroom might just need a refinish. When considering specific replacements, for example changing a bathtub can cost you extra bucks on product purchase as well as installation.

Level the Floors and Tiles

Consider the setbacks in your current bathroom floor. How does it handle moisture? Do you need an extra layer of flooring? Sometimes wooden floors can be layered with a sheet vinyl plank or tiles that endures more moisture. A fresh tint of protective enamel over the floor can also go a long way in retaining floor safety. Similarly, the tiles in the bathroom speak volumes about your lifestyle. You can go for budget-friendly tiles like penny and hex or subway, in case you want to go classic. Remember to opt for tiles that align with the aesthetics of your house. There is no certain way that your bathroom should look! Go for quirky colors if it represents your tastes. You can also look for vibrant wallpaper to complement the tiles. Also remember to install an exhaust fan that helps reduce humidity, especially if you are fond of steam showers.

Fix the Lighting

Lighting makes all the difference to a room! Sometimes all the grooming your bathroom needs could just be the perfect lighting. There are accent lighting fixtures you can add to enhance the look of your bathroom or even have some shower lighting. Your bathroom lighting should not be entirely dependent on electric bulbs and you can have several types of lighting based on your usage of space at different times.

Have More Room for Storage

This is probably the most underrated aspect of a bathroom. You need more storage space in the bathroom, though not mandatory. Not just on your walls, but spaces in the shower area and vanity is almost essential to make the space more functional. Work with your bathroom remodel contractors to choose from the options that suit your usage. Make sure there is enough space in the shower niche for storage of your daily use items, shelves and mirrors with cabinets that help you sort out your bathroom essentials. Medicine cabinets are another multi-purpose way to increase the storage space in your bathroom.

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Consider the Little Things

There are a few things that may not make it to your checklist but should be on one. Be it the much-needed satin tint to your room or moisture-resistant paint, these are perfect investments. There are smart showers today allowing you to have access to wifi and automatic temperature adjustment options backed by sensors. These facilities can add luxury to your bathing environment. Are you aware of heated floors that can warm your feet instantly? No more slips and falls! Similarly, add new blocks for grab bars to make it a friendly environment for children and the elderly.

Wrapping up

Gearing up for a bathroom renovation can be exhausting and expensive. But having a proper plan in place can save you time and money in the long run. It is always a better idea to connect with a professional bathroom remodeler in San Francisco to have a better understanding of the current room capacity and smarter alternatives. With Kanika design, bay area interior designer at your service, you need not shy away from asking even the most boring questions. Remember, a bathroom update has a significant impact on your overall lifestyle and should be a priority in your home improvement plans. Get on a call with us right away to have your bathroom remodeled for the better!