Balance Interior Design with Wooden Elements

Wood is a timeless element to feature in interior design styles ranging from modern, industrial, contemporary, mid-century modern, eclectic, and many more due to its feminine qualities of balance, warmth, and comfort. Being a woman of Indian descent  and community of Bay area interior designers, I absolutely love mixing different interior designs styles of a cooler nature (metal) with warm elements (wood), to give a room a more cozy and eclectic vibe.

For furnishings we chose a wooden bedside table with a metal base to complement the color theme of blues, browns, whites, and grays to enhance the modern contemporary space.

Home Decor Foundation

Wooden furnishings such as the walnut floors and side tables were used to blend and add warmth to the modern design scheme.

This wooden coffee table added a cozy feel to the rooms elegant design theme.

This modern spiral metal faucet proved to be stylish yet functional and beautifully complemented the wooden butcher block counter tops.

Wooden elements were used to give the interior a more classy rustic feel.

We incorporated wooden design elements that gave off the illusion of a bigger bathroom.

Without wooden elements a room may feel cold and uncomfortable. Adding wood and metal makes it more friendly and inviting.