Interior Design Trends to Follow in San Jose

Just like fashion and beauty, the advancements in Interior Design have become more inclined to an expression of self rather than keeping up with the trends. They are not just a reflection of who we are but also what we look for. The post-pandemic world especially is witnessing an extreme amalgamation of classic and novel decor ideas. You can see interior designers in San Jose experimenting with varied styles from bold color palettes to minimalistic decors. It can be daunting to experiment with the gamut of decors to finally understand what reflects your identity. So here’s a list of interior trends that is sure to rule housing designs in the years to come.

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Dedicated Work from Home Spaces

The pandemic has redefined the way you work and learn today. Since many of us are now  working from home, a functional workstation is a must-have. In homes where both partners are working, taking up zoom calls and dealing with a pile of documents from the bedroom can feel uninspiring. Modern interior decorators from San Jose are coming up with work set-up ideas at home that can make you look forward to Mondays!

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A workstation by the window or with a view of the lawn can make a big difference. You need a functional work desk with ergonomic seating and storage for your work essentials. You can find a room or spot, less used to give it a professional makeover. Surround your workspace with your favorite items and colors to make work fun.

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Antiques all the way

It is not surprising that millennials are fond of antique decor because the designs are evergreen. Antique decor can be easy on your pocket as well as add an unique design element to the space. Since everyone is fond of travel these days, souvenirs from places across the world can help you tell a story to the guests. Trends repurposing historic furniture pieces and ancestral footprints can add to the elegance. Heritage tiles are in vogue now, enhancing the floors and walls with bold patterns. So, get in touch with your interior design companies in San Jose to start experimenting with the combinations.

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Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor spaces in recent times have become as crucial as the indoors. Be it a calming balcony that offers you solace after a tiring day at work or a green lawn where you can spend quality time with family, outdoors need makeovers too! San Jose has interior designer groups that specialize in outdoor spaces. Backyards and patios have become priorities for people who enjoy spending time with friends. It is certainly a worthy option to invest in improving outdoor spaces with comfortable upholstery fabrics and lighting to escape the confined spaces our work culture promotes.

Experiment with Colors

Just like there is a following for bold and vibrant colors, pastel shades are also garnering attention from consumers. These shades offer the perfect colors of elegance that neither the classic whites and grays nor the eye-catching vibrant colors offer. You can also  reflect your personality through the colors you put on the walls. Burgundies and yellows are chosen by more optimistic people who want to go bold while others choose whites and browns to look more traditional. Another way to experiment with colors is to include varied patterns. There are patterns everywhere from tiles and curtains to upholstery furniture and wall art.

Smart Homes

Technology has made its mark everywhere. More recently you can see the need  from interior design clients to accommodate these advancements at home. Smart homes were a luxury in the past but are now a necessity – connecting your gadgets to smart assistants like Alexa and Google. When designing a space Interior designers can ensure ease of operation with these devices to control opening and closing of window treatments, turn on/off recessed lights etc. . Creating functional spaces with technology is the most recent trend in interior design. Finding a professional interior designer in San Jose, CA can help lessen half the burden of improving your house.

Go Natural

Neuro Aestheticians have found that surroundings have a tremendous impact on your mental health. Organic color schemes and natural scents can help reduce blood pressure, lower stress, and enhance creativity. We need that calming effect more than ever now, to deal with the routine exposure to stress and ambiguities. You can also see a newfound love for plant decors, wooden crafts, and natural stones among homeowners. Biophilic interior designs are becoming more popular in recent times allowing better personal and professional workspaces.


Sustainability is probably the word of the decade. People all over the world are embracing a greener approach toward their housing preferences. This also includes managing energy efficiently at home by reducing the heating and lighting needs to a considerable extent. Also, natural lighting and furnishings made from natural material are proven to lighten up your mood anytime. The future is moving towards sustainable options, when designing your home ensure the furnishings you use are comfortable and high quality.

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Wrapping up

There have been several interior trends emerging in the past year that prioritize individuality and comfort. Choosing the combination that works with your goals and preferences can be overwhelming. Whether you are looking to redefine your work space or update the look and feel to your house, it is crucial to have professional guidance. Kanika design, bay area interior design firm can help you bring that ideal space into a reality with a wide range of services from designing floor plans to custom furniture and much more.

Our team will help design a space that you will cherish for a lifetime. So, give your house the look it deserves by choosing us! Have more queries? We are just a call away.