Top Interior Design Trends in Silicon Valley

Getting a house in Silicon Valley and need some inspiration for interior design? You’ve come to the right place! As the fear of a global pandemic fades and economic worries reside, the way we prefer our homes will change in 2023. Introspection of design styles has been necessary for recent years, whether it is a revisiting of bad choices made for home decor and design before lockdown or a reevaluation of the needs for the newly porous borders between the office and the rest of life.

Living in Silicon Valley one might assume trends for interior design Menlo Park, interior design Mountain View, interior design Redwood Cityand interior design Palo Alto, being in Google’s backyard, you can assume upgraded smart houses filled with technology. However, as a result of the high expense of lifestyle and real estate, many people in these areas prioritize functional rather than aesthetically pleasing interiors.

Selecting the right interior designer for your space starts with knowing the design concept you want for your property and the budget that could accommodate it. Once you have a solid design concept and an idea of your budget, you can choose between a wide range of portfolios offered by Palo alto interior designers, Mountain View interior designers, or more. In this article, we introduce you to the latest interior design Silicon Valley trends that reflect local and worldwide priority shifts.

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Formal Dining Areas

Once considered on the verge of extinction, the formal dining room is alive and well and often used for important events and passes as one of the major trends ofinterior design in Silicon Valley. It’s a chance to create something really one-of-a-kind by experimenting with different textures, colors, patterns, and accent pieces like art, lighting fixtures, and furniture. It’s the location where you can let go and combine business with pleasure.

interior designer Palo alto

Muted Colored Kitchens

Every home’s kitchen serves as the social hub where family members spend quality time together. In peninsula interior design – Grays, whites, and blues, all with a gentler tone, are becoming popular choices for kitchen decor. Many homeowners remodeling their kitchens are still opting for white cabinets, although different-toned cabinets are becoming more popular. The subdued color scheme gives a warm, and modern vibe when combined with subtle patterns and textures.

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Colors inspired by the Nature

The primary focus when it comes to the color of the walls in 2022 was earthy, subdued greens, while lighter blues, deeper navy, and matte black played supporting roles. The return of cognac, tobacco, and burned umber, among other earthy browns, signals the arrival of summer and the continued prominence of colors inspired by nature. Many Palo Alto Interior designersare now using colors inspired by nature with the amber glass table tops for dining room tables, kitchen and warm tobacco tones on decorative cushions – these are some upcoming trends in peninsula interior design. However, if that doesn’t suit your palette, paint colors, floor coverings, draperies, and furnishings in softer tans and neutral tones are still popular.

Fun Laundry Space

Everyone has to wash laundry, so why not make the space where you do it fun and enticing? A stylish laundry space is taking a good hype in interior design Silicon Valley trendsUtilizing upbeat color palettes and eye-catching design patterns helps to create a space in which people look forward to spending time. An inviting atmosphere may be achieved via quirky wallpaper, a bright color scheme, flashy appliances, embossed bins for organization, and vivid floor or backsplash tiling. Given its relative isolation from the rest of the house, this is another room where bright colors and unusual decorations are appreciated.

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Meditation Room

The Meditation Room is an additional trend that has arisen in the wake of the epidemic. A common request for peninsula interior designers is to provide a space to reflect, spend some quiet time and a haven of refuge. A meditation room can also be designed to be multi-functional and act as a small at-home library, a music room, an exercise room, or more.

Productive Work Spaces

Home offices are a great illustration of the trend toward mixed work environments that have emerged in the aftermath of the recent pandemic. Have a conversation with your designer about including a comfortable seating area and creative storage solutions in your workplace design. You could even install a mini-fridge and a water dispenser that filters the water into a wet bar. Leaving your desk to fetch freshly squeezed juice or even just a drink from the refrigerator may be a significant disturbance, especially if you work from home and have a lot of other things simultaneously.

How can Kanika Design help with design your dream home in Silicon Valley

Making your dream house a reality is a thrilling experience. There are so many exciting new developments to include that you might need help knowing where to start. We at Kanika Designs understand that your house is a sanctuary because it reflects you and the decisions you’ve made to decorate it. And it becomes very important to select a bay area interior designer who can interpret your needs and guide you through the planning process.

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