Why a Kitchen Sells Houses According to an Interior Designer

What is the most popular room in a home? Is it:

A. Kitchen

B. Kitchen


C. Kitchen

If you answered A, B, Or C you’re absolutely correct! 😀

Think about it! Where do you rush to as soon as your tummy starts rumbling? No matter how exhausted, where is the one place your family bonds surrounded by great food? The Kitchen! 

Kitchens are the heart of every home! For centuries, kitchens have evolved over time in size, shape, color, architecture, and design. Although they have gone through many major changes they share a common purpose which is to bring the family together. 

Kitchen interior design plays a huge role in entertaining guests and family, and if upgraded according to the area you live in, can help in the process of selling and buying homes. If your house resides in an expensive location, it’s important to renovate your kitchen so that if you decide to sell your home, you receive as much money you invested back from the buyer.

Nowadays buyers are looking for homes with up-to-date kitchen interior design, so that little to no remodeling is needed, as it’s quite costly and requires a lot of time and labor. If you’re planning to sell your home it would be valuable to do research on the audience you’re trying to market to. Once you have an idea if they’ll be of the younger or older generation, you should start decorating your house according to their design preferences. 

There are few ways you can start staging your kitchen to make potential buyers say, “This is the one!”. One way is to update the walls by using trending colors that help highlight major focal points in your kitchen, ranging from: wooden cabinets, counter tops, walls, backsplashes, etc… It would also be beneficial to update appliances such as the refrigerator, dishwasher, sink ware, microwave, oven, and stove. Maintaining cleanliness in your kitchen and sprucing it up adds value to your kitchen. 

It’s important to modernize your kitchen now, so that it will help you sell tomorrow. Kitchens need to be in their best condition as they’re a huge consideration when buying a house. It’s your best chance to cook up a sale so you reap benefits in the long run, suggested by our Interior Design Firm in Bay Area.