Office Interior Design – Ideas For Cool Lounge Spaces

Lounge spaces are a must when it comes to office interior design. Their purpose is to recharge its occupants and improve the working lives of employees whom spend majority of their time working. Below are some cool office lounges designed by Kanika Design, a Bay area interior design firm – which one is your favorite?

This colorful office lounge design is sophisticated and inviting.

This game themed office lounge space was decorated with an innovative center table, abstract art work, real arcade box, & patterned sofas & pillows.

We added pops of color through fun artwork and accessories to liven up the office lounge space – this kept employees stimulated and motivated.

Printed pillows and funky center table pieces are excellent accessories to liven up any space. Earthy elements such as the wooden decor added warmth and a feeling of comfort to the office lounge space.