How to Select Colors For A Single Room

In today’s vlog post, Bay Area Interior Designer, Kanika talks about how to select colors for a single room in your home. When designing a room and it’s
finally time for color selection, there are two key points to consider, first is how much natural light is coming into the room and second is if the color will compliment the furnishing in the room. Natural light is important
because colors could look different in each room, and you want to make sure that you select a color that enhances the space instead of making the room look dull.


So how do you select the right color? If you have decor and furnishing in your room, let’s say for example, there’s an area rug with some color or there’s pillow placement on your sofa with some color – you want to select a color that will complement those finishes in your room. If you have
multiple color combinations on your rug and pillows, you’d want to select a color palette from there and put that on your wall, making sure that color is visually eye pleasing. On the other hand, if you have an empty space and you haven’t selected your furniture, what Kanika would recommend is go down to your local paint shop and rent out a color wheel – come back and open that
color wheel and look at all the neutrals in that color palette and see which color works best in your room, and any neutral colors will pair well with any furniture you select. If you know the color of your furniture, your decor, and your artwork, you will select a color that will complement those selected finishes. Kanika always recommends after selecting your paint samples, to
paint a big Swatch on your wall to see how that color looks during daylight and evening because color looks different in both settings.