How To Furniture Shop For A Single Interior Room In The Bay Area

By on June 10th, 2022

In today’s vlog post Bay Area Interior Designer, Kanika, talks about how to furniture shop for a single interior room. The first thing you’d want to do is to take measurements of your home room interior and create a floor plan – creating a floor plan is important because it will help you scale your room and provide guidance as to where to place your furniture.


Once the floor plan is ready, it’s time to start placing furniture items on the floor plan – your sofa, your accent chairs, your coffee table, your side tables, and this will really help you balance and scale your room. The most exciting part about this whole process is of course, furniture shopping! Now that you have a floor plan ready, you can shop online, or in-store, as you now have a better understanding of what fits well in your space, and decorate your interior space according to your style. 


Kanika Design – Interior Designer, Bay Area