Creative Interior Design Themes for Office Space

Office interior designs don’t have to be plain boring. No matter what the nature of your business, you can create a fun & diverse atmosphere by integrating unique themes in your office space through Bay area interior design! There is an ample amount of themes to choose from that you can derive inspiration from such as…

Business Related Design – This theme ties back to the core of your company and what it stands for. For example, if you work with kids you can create office rooms, conference rooms, break area, or lounges that relate to their favorite foods, tv shows, board games, video games, super hero, princess, etc..

Kanika Design used a rug and dice decor in this office lounge design as elements to represent their brand which catered to schools.

Robotic themed wallpaper gave the room an adventurous feel leaving kids wanting to explore more of this modern office interior space!

Inspiration Through Global Countries – This is a really exciting theme because there’s so much to play around with here. For example, if you own a domestic or international travel agency you can design your office rooms, conference rooms, break area, or lounges to replicate either your favorite travel spot or different locations you help your clients book travel to.

As Taulia deals with clients worldwide Kanika Design incorporated the use of wall art to portray various destinations around the world to liven up their interior conference room.

This break area was perfectly designed for employees to enjoy a variety of beverages that would make them feel like they were sipping on a cup of chai in Mumbai, India.

Taulia’s clientele reaches worldwide – Kanika Design used International post stamps for the wall interior in the office room to showcase that.

Movie Characters – This theme would make your office space more visually appealing and enjoyable. You can be super creative and design your office rooms, conference rooms, break area, or lounges that relate to your employees favorite movie characters.

This office in Mumbai, India has done an amazing job highlighting historical film icons in Bollywood using wall paper, movie quotes, newspaper designed seating, and tire coffee tables. 

This is a perfect example of an office conference room that is designed with movie covers, quotes, and posters of timeless characters in Hollywood History.

The above are examples you can incorporate to achieve themed interior office rooms through a variety of elements such as wallpaper, wall art, decor, custom furniture, and even appliances.