Benefits of Lunch Area in Office Interior Design

Lunch areas are an essential asset to your office Bay area interior design because it’s the most comfortable spot for employees to relax and eat their lunch in. Office employees spend majority of their time working from their desks, which can be tiresome and boring which is why they look forward to lunch time so they don’t have to eat at their desk and can enjoy their meal in peace. Lunch areas should be valued because they’re the ultimate spot to unwind and interact with their peers so that they can be more productive and happy at work. Our Bay area interior designer has used a couple of lunch area layouts and decors you can incorporate in your office design!

A bar area designed with inspirational words is the perfect touch to any office lunch area design, as it becomes an exciting place to mingle with peers and enjoy a lunch break.

This game room is the perfect lunch office design as it’s super cozy, relaxing, and fun enough to recharge one’s batteries and to inspire new ideas.

Comfortable seating is key in any lunch area office design such as these lunch cubicles and single accent chairs. They add a relaxing touch to the office space and the perfect spot for employees to retreat to while eating lunch.

A zen nature inspired theme does wonders when it comes to office design. The combination of wooden elements with greenery from the wall paper and chair color adds the perfect calmness in this lunch area.