Environmental Interior Design

Interior Design has an infinite amount of themes that one can gather inspiration from. One theme that is growing in popularity is Environmental Interior Design. If you’re a strong patron in supporting the Earth, an eco friendly design would be the best approach to your residential or commercial space.

Typically one spends their entire time working in indoor environments, and the best way to sustain that by design is to provide a healthy indoor environment. To achieve this, it’s vital to fill your space with equipment, fixtures, and furniture that endorses good indoor air quality, is toxin free, and water-energy efficient. It would be beneficial to hire a professional office interior designer or do some online research that provides info on chemical free accessories that best fit your area of need. Our Bay Area Interior Designers share few examples of materials that you can utilize in respect to your environment are recycled glass, recycled wood, LED lights, and recycled plastic. 

Believe it or not! Recycled jars and bottles turn into a work of art creating a story in every surface. They can be used for countertops, cabinet pulls, knobs, vases, bowls, serving platters, and kitchen/bathroom floor tiles.

Recycled wood are mainly used for flooring but can be used for tables, chairs, cabinets, and drawers. Nowadays, LED lights are the most efficient way of illumination and lighting along with an outstanding lifetime expectancy. They’re extremely durable and flexible and most importantly, are ecologically friendly because they don’t contain any toxic chemicals. A variety of materials can be made from recycled plastic, but few main ones are kitchenware, carpeting, and countertops. If you ever need a paint job, you’d be surprised to know that certain paints are impregnated with recycled plastic bottles that produce less air pollution compared to other oil based paints. 

Overall, a sustainable environment is key in creating a positive and healthy impact on those surrounded by it. Whether its at home or work, switching to a greener lifestyle is safe, fun, and can be interpreted and executed beautifully once ideas start rolling! 

In our previous blogs, we interviewed an amazing cafe called Ma’ velour Cafe, that incorporated many of the recycled resources above to design their interior. Check it out to get some ideas.