Wallpaper for Office Interior Design

Wallpaper for Office Interior Design

When it comes to commercial office Bay area interior design – do not shy away from commercial wallpaper… The right design can set the tone and transform your place of business! Commercial wallpapers are usually thicker making them much more durable, easy to install, and able to withstand dents and scratches. Although there’s a small variety of colors and design patterns to choose from, it can enhance your business atmosphere and add a trendy finish to your office space. Below are some examples of commercial wallpaper that our Bay area interior designer used in office interior design projects.

Patterned wallpaper and pops of colorful accessories were used throughout the interior space to maintain an inviting and engaging atmosphere.

Creative Interior Design Themes for Office Space

Robotic themed wallpaper gave the room an adventurous feel to this modern design space!

Fun Interior Office Lounge Space.

Origami decals, funky patterned pillows, colorful rug, & innovative centerpieces added an upbeat vibe to this fun office lounge space.

Writable & paintable wallpaper in the hallways provided a fun space to engage in.