Top Reasons Startups Design Their Office Spaces

By on March 17th, 2019

Startup companies strive to be innovative, fresh, and aim to transform businesses. They want remodeled kitchen areas, modern office interior design space, and bright wall colors with inspiring quotes to make a statement… you name it!

Competition is keen between startups and if you’re a true startup expert you’ll know what to expect. After doing some extensive research we’ve come up with a list of the top 3 reasons tech startups use design to enhance their office interior design space.

#1 – Reflect Company Culture

Tech companies want to be known for their values, culture, and work ethic. In order to achieve this it’s really important to create the office interior design in a way that’s impressive and responsive to how the company works. Through design, startups want to grow their company in a way that they not only attract potential employees, vendors, and customers but gain the means to invest in them.

#2 – Fun Environment

“To get the very best people we try to make the office as awesome as possible,” – Drew Houston (Founder and CEO, Dropbox)

What’s work life without a daily dose of fun? Boring. It’s best to refrain from keeping the office environment plain and dull by adding fun and inspiring elements throughout the space. For example: Themed walls (baby pictures, company logo, Quotes), Themed Rooms (Jail, Ocean, Hollywood), Game Room (Ping-pong table, Foosball, Board Games), Relax Room (Massage Chairs, Calm Music), Outside Sports Area (Tennis court, basketball court), Kitchen (Hire personal chef, Vending Machines). Even if a few of these are added it would make all the difference and help make the workplace come alive and improve employee performance.

#3 – Employee Productivity

It’s a known fact that startups want growth and employee satisfaction in the workplace. Its essential to incorporate a corporate office interior design that may have a few quiet rooms or areas that are cut off from all the noise in the office. Startups create these areas in order to ensure effective collaboration and a quiet workspace that allows employees to focus on their task. Adding inspiring quotes on office walls can also help employees boost productivity and serve the company in the long run.