Improve Office Space with Interior Design

Office space plays a major role in the development of a company, and is a key factor that helps contribute towards a great work experience. Offices around the world go above and beyond to create an innovative interior space that helps boost work productivity. If you’re looking to enhance your company space you might be wondering… How do I get started? Here are a few basic steps to help guide you!

#1 – Create a Budget

Budget is essential when it comes to interior design space so you don’t overspend and are clear on where you’re investing your money. There are so many options available – knowing how much you want to spend is an important first step towards creating a great office interior design.

Pro Tip: Use Google sheets to track each expense that will go in creating your space

#2 – Build a Vision

There may be a plethora of reasons for upgrading office interior. It’s important to have a vision of how you want your company represented. A fun way to do this is to collaborate with your team members and come up with creative themes in respect to your company products or values.

For example, when we worked on Taulia office design project we worked with their team to pick different themes for their conference rooms. One conference room was designed on the theme of ‘Tokyo City’ and for another conference room we picked furniture and wall art based on ‘Pixel’ theme.

Once you have a vision in mind you can combine it with a specific different interior design styles such as modern, contemporary, industrial etc. to give your space more character. These ideas will help make your company stand out and also motivate employees to perform better at work.

#3 – Focus on Different Spaces

Many companies design spaces for employees to relax, get a bite to eat, or simply socialize with others. Spaces such as cafes, wellness rooms, game rooms, sleeping rooms can help release stress and is convenient when breaks are needed. This benefits the company as it creates a sense of comfort and balance in the office space and helps improve employee satisfaction.

Although commercial interior design can be time consuming, it serves as a great learning experience for all involved. It can be a fun filled adventure for your team, and if done with these key steps in mind, you’ll see great results as your efforts pay off.


At Kanika Design, specialize in Bay Area interior design, and can help guide you step by step to create a space that everyone in your office would be proud to be a part of.