Literary Living space - 01- Bay area interior designer

Literary Living Space Remodel

The goal of the project was to design an inviting living space for adults to unwind, read, and lounge. The room underwent a complete transformation with new wall colors, flooring, furnishings, and a custom bookshelf installation.

The space was decorated in a modern style with a touch of glamour. The walls were painted a deep blue color, creating a sense of calm and sophistication, and providing an elegant backdrop for the furniture. The couch added a pop of color and excitement, becoming the statement piece of the room. It was paired with a black and white rug featuring a geometric pattern, which helped to ground the space and added visual interest. The custom-designed bookshelf was uniquely designed with plenty of space for books, while the coffee and side tables provided functional surfaces and storage space.

The overall effect is a stylish and inviting living room, perfect for relaxing, reading, and entertaining guests. The new space provides a sense of balance and calm, showcasing how our bay area interior design service enhances both style and functionality.


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