Dreamy Teenage Bedroom

As children bloom into their teen years, they require a viable interior design space they can grow into. Kanika Design approached this teenage bedroom with a sweet vintage-contemporary feel.

Teenage bedrooms can be a challenging room to design in a home – it should highlight their personal style and ensure space for growth as they age. We added neutral wall colors as a solid base to build upon. Earthy tones were used for the furnishings, which also paved the way for her to add more interior decor to her room in the future. For furnishings, we chose a color theme of blues, browns, whites, and greys to enhance the modern contemporary interior design space. To add more dimension we used a gray studded bed frame with pops of white comforters and navy blue pillows, a study table/chair, and pottery flower vases for the bedside tables. Various styles of inspirational quotes were used to give the room a nice uplifting vibe and sweet memories of LA.

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