Small Bathroom Remodel

Our focus for this project was an old school bathroom interior design, with limited space to work with. 

Despite its vibrant red orange colored appearance the bathroom was sadly falling apart. Our goal was to use certain design elements that would give off the illusion of a bigger bathroom. To achieve this we added vertical marble tiles for the walls in the shower area, raised the height of the shower head, and added a frameless glass door to give off the illusion of a bigger and less cramped space. 

We painted a Sea Salt color on the walls to create a spa like feel in their bathroom. Marble is timeless and will never go out of style, hence 3D box tiles were installed on the shower floor as they blended well with the marble walls, and added a modern and trendy touch to the space. Wooden elements were used in this modern contemporary space to create an inviting and calm effect. We added a wooden Teak Ladder to compliment the small place so that our clients could hang towels and magazines on them – it was also utilized as a stylish decor element.

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