Graphsql Office

Graph SQL wanted a modern design with an abundance of colors to serve as inspiration for employees and boost work productivity. Colors play an important role in stimulating the work environment and we used modern interior design and vibrant colors to help set the tone for this office design. 

To add some liveliness, we added bright wall colors in all the rooms, to bright yellow Carmichael Chairs in the lobby. Neon green and blue custom made sofas were used to decorate the lounge and entrance areas and writable blackboard paint walls were installed to enhance collaboration and creativity in the workspace. 

To design the lounge area we used unique furnishings, incorporated an Orange Kardiel Ball Chair made of fiberglass + black microfiber along with a sofa bed for relaxation. The main workstation area had a substantial amount of room – we added wooden top work desks, comfortable chairs, and storage to help create an effective and spacious workplace. Our office interior design strategy had a positive impact on the staff by an increase in energy, collaboration, and socialization. 

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