The Benefits of No Clutter in Home Interior Design

By on October 16th, 2019

There’s no better feeling than a clean and organized home… As clothes, bills, dishes, toys, decor, and other items start to pile up in different areas of your home, it is relieving to have a designated spot or routine to store all these items 🙂 Seem impossible? Well we’re here to give you some tips on how you can declutter and make your space functional.

Less Is More 

Have you heard the saying less is more? Whether it’s your bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, or dining space, decorating it with 3-6 items per space would help create a clutter free look as organization is a big part of home interior design. You can mix and match using decor such as pictures, paintings, vases on the floor, outdoor or indoor plants (no artificial plants as they collect dust), and stylish dining tables or coffee tables.

Multitasking Message Board

This is a great accessory to have in any home space. It serves as a nice decor item and also helps with organizing family schedules, reminders, birthdays, events, & deadlines.

Box Drawer Organizer

These come in handy as they store all the random items such as gifts, things that you stock up on, or think you need at first but start to pile up in your home. Storing them in individual compartments helps them from getting misplaced and easy to access. Whether it’s your kitchen, bedroom, living room, dining room, or bathroom, single boxes or boxed drawers are a great tool to keep your home space organized and tidy.

Regular Maintenance

Implementing the above can really help get your home space into shape but its key to maintain this clutter free look. The easiest way to ensure your rooms don’t revert back into its old look is to do a weekly or monthly maintenance. Allocating a few minutes at the end of each week (or a larger block of time once a month) for a quick clean up and item purge will help keep the clutter at minimum in the long run. This will also help improve their performance, allowing you to work more efficiently.