The Benefits of Color in Office Interior Design

Color sets the tone for any office space and has a great impact on your employees and business. Colors of white, bland gray, or dark black can make the office seem gloomy, and bright colors can be used to enhance the mood and create a stress free environment. Bright yellows, greens, urban woods, and other accentuating colors can liven up the space and has been proven to have a positive impact on vendors who sign or work with a start-up company. 

How to Introduce Colors To Your Office

When it comes to color you’re bound to have fun because there are so many colorful items that can be utilized to create stimulation in an office space. For example, bean bag chairs to match the walls, ping pong tables to loosen up the corporate atmosphere, and colorful fixtures that liven up the space. 

How to choose Right Color for Industrial Office?

One thing to watch out for is loud colors that don’t coincide with the company’s culture. For example, a law firm should stick with mature colors that pair with cedar wood and glass framed doors while a bike shop or computer company should play around with bold colors to help boost sales and employee performance.

Office Interior Design Examples

Below are a few examples of office interiors designed by Kanika Design that portray the perfect balance of colors in an industrial office space.

Room decorated with an innovative center table

This game themed room was decorated with an innovative center table, abstract art work, real arcade box, & fun colored sofas & pillows for all to engage in.

Fun Interior Office Lounge Space.

Origami themed wallpaper, printed pillows, patterned rugs, & innovative centerpieces helped set the tone for this fun interior office lounge space.

Color stimulating the work environment

Colors play an important role in stimulating the work environment and Kanika Design, a Bay Area Interior Design firm, used her expertise of colors to help set the tone for this interior office.

Wall colors & inspirational quotes in Office Space

Bold wall colors & inspirational quotes are great ways to empower employees through interior design in an office space.

Minimal natural lighting in the office rooms

Minimal natural lighting in the office rooms allowed us to experiment with different color schemes.