Sunnyvale Pet Friendly Home Interior Design!

Our clients in Sunnyvale, California approached us in hopes for us to create a functional design that not only coveted their lifestyle, but their pets as well. We gave this house a full floor to ceiling makeover!

Our areas of focus was the main entrance, hallways, living/dining room, and a small game room.

 In our initial home interior design consultation, the clients preferred to only apply pastel colors on the walls, but we convinced them to utilize more than just pastel colors in their Bay area home interior design. In the end they were glad we encouraged them towards more bold colors! We used seven different wall colors throughout the main living space in the home. New tiles for the entrance and brand new laminate floors were installed in the main living space. We applied various art prints around the house to give it a gallery feel. Due to bold wall colors we utilized neutral furniture in order to add balance and refrain from overpowering the room.

Our main challenge was to create a pet friendly home design. We used durable fabrics such as a slipcover for the sofa, so it can be easily cleaned. Laminate flooring was installed which gave the hardwood flooring appeal and prevent scratches on the floor. In addition, we used easy-to-clean low pile area rugs, with no-skid pads underneath, to ensure that the rug itself wouldn’t become a hazard. Last but not least, we left lots of common area for the cute cats to play around in – making it a perfect pet friendly home interior design.

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