How to Declutter Your Home

How do I start the decluttering process?

You will learn to declutter not only your space but the mind too. Some of you may ask how do we declutter our minds? Have you ever felt a difference working in a clean and organized space than a room that is filled with things? I surely have felt and seen the difference in my productivity. 

Let’s begin by keeping 3 things in mind:

  • Donate 
  • Trash
  • Stop buying new things 


Anything that hasn’t been used, seen or worn for a year needs to go into the Donate pile. If it was something we really needed, we would have used it in the last 365 days and guess what my friends we didn’t so it gotta go! We keep things or hold on to things because we will need it one day. Well, if you haven’t used it in a year I’m sure it needs a new home. 


Throw away broken items that you thought you will fix one day and that day never came. Stop buying things from garage sales and piling up your home. Remember people are decluttering their homes with garage sales. So please don’t bring their clutter into your home. 

Stop buying new things:

Do Not Buy new items unless you’re redesigning/redecorating your space. If you purchase something new please be sure to recycle or give the item away that is being replaced. This habit will surely keep your home declutter. 


Do it with a friend or anyone who is great with organization skills. Having someone else along the process of decluttering makes us realize, we really don’t need these extra items and it’s okay to let go. 

Now make this a habit and declutter your home regularly about every 6 months!

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